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Анушка вече е купила олиото...

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world hold on [Sep. 22nd, 2008|03:09 am]
Анушка вече е купила олиото...
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the world doesn't hold on. neither for you, nor for me, nor for the people who come and go into your life, the friendships and romances that start and end, or the moments you have missed due to unfulfilled half-promises.

and that's good. otherwise you'd miss the constant opportunity of meeting the novelty and excitement each day brings. some day you'll miss the love, the thrill and the flow of your life, while asking the world to hold on for something which is hardly worth it.

don't go back to reexperience moments of wild exaltation or to give another try to failures.

follow life. flow on. share the love of living, but don't get obsessed with anything and anyone.